Now Stocking Nurture Them Naturally

Nurture Them Naturally

We’re so please that we now stock this great range of complete minces from Nurture Them Naturally.

With a great range of proteins, including some unique proteins, you’re furry friend will be spoilt for choice.

The range includes

  • Chicken – The chicken we use at Nurture Them Naturally is ethically sourced from  British farms. We don’t believe in battery farming. Our chickens are free range and antibiotic free. We buy all our meat from human grade sources which under go to lots of bacteria testing.
  • Lamb – The Lamb we use at Nurture them naturally is ethically sourced from a British farm. Nurture them naturally lamb recipes are naturally higher in fat and therefore an excellent source of energy for dogs that need to gain weight
  • Beef – We source our beef from British and Irish farms , we only source 90vl cuts of meat which makes it the leanest cut,  it is an excellent source of protein
  • Green Tripe – We source our beef from British and Irish farms, mainly grass fed .
  • Turkey – We source our Free range turkey from all British farms, all our turkeys live a high welfare life
  • Duck – We source all our Gressingham duck from UK farms , they are all free range and are naturally reared
  • Salmon – We source our salmon from the island of Scotland.  We use a mixture of wild and framed salmon depending on the season
  • Vegetables – As dogs can’t process cellulose, we grind all the vegetables  twice to ensure our pets can absorb all the beneficial goodness. Many of our recipes include: Curly Kale Curly Kale is a fantastic source of fibre, calcium and vitamins A, E & C. Curly Kale is also rich in antioxidants. Parsnips Parsnips are provide fibre and Vitamin C. Green Beans Green beans contain vitamin B12, Studies show that green beans can induce beneficial metabolic effect and are also low in calories