Choosing The Right Dog Whistle

Acme 210½

Smaller breed owners such as spaniels tend to prefer the 210½ dog whistle, which is best for use in close proximity. Generally, this will be up to around 90 meters.

Acme 211 ½

The 211½ is commonly used for Retrievers and Labradors over a much longer distance than the 210½.

Acme 212

The smaller 212 is designed to cut through the environment, so no matter the weather, your dog will be able to hear your command loud and clear.

Why use a dog whistle to train my dog?

There are many reasons why whistles are more beneficial than voice commands for dog training, with a consistent command being one of them. For many pro dog trainers, a whistle is seen as their most important tool, and if you want a well-trained dog, it’s important for you to view a whistle in the same way.

They are designed to deliver a clear message in a frequency that will travel, ensuring your dog can hear your command no matter what. This is something that a simple voice command cannot ensure, as environmental factors can (and will) distort your command creating a loss of communication between you and your dog – if it is used consistently and correctly!

Acme Dog Whistles

ACME dog whistles offer consistent sound quality, are weather-proof, and are all individually tested and guaranteed. This is why ACME dog training whistles are relied on by top dog trainers around the globe when they’re looking to buy a new dog whistle online.

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